Online casino progressive jackpots: all you need to know

Your ultimate guide to online casino progressive jackpots

You have probably heard a lot about casino slots offering online casino progressive jackpots. If you don’t know what exactly they mean and what are the advantages of progressive jackpots, you will be more informed by the end of this article.

Progressive jackpots: definition and types

Do you remember seeing a casino promotion with a huge payout amount? If yes, then that’s probably when you came across progressive jackpots. Why is it possible to win mega amounts in online casino progressive jackpots? The payout amount continues to rise until the end of the game. It is possible because multiple players at the same time participate in a specific game and contribute to the final reward.

There are local and wide-area progressive jackpots. What is the difference between them?

When a jackpot is spread across many games, as it happens in slots, it is a wide-area type. In this case, thousands of players can be involved and the final prize amount might be extremely high. That’s why it attracts many people all over the world.

Local online casino progressive jackpots are connected with one game like Caribbean stud poker, for example. In this situation players of one group are participants.

How should you play progressive jackpot games?

First of all, you need to be ready for any scenario. Bear in mind that even though the prize in this kind of jackpot is very attractive, but the risk of losing is high too. Even though there are no complicated rules involved, there are some recommendations to keep in mind.

  • Read the rules carefully. If you are not familiar with a slot that offers progressive jackpots, read the rules carefully before you start playing. It will help avoid any unpleasant surprises.
  • Estimate your risk. A lot of players go for a bigger jackpot, but chances to win it are smaller. You might want to go for a smaller amount with increased odds for a win.
  • Check withdrawal limits: make sure that the casino provides frequent withdrawals, otherwise, it can take forever to cash out your win.

Most popular slots with progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are extremely popular and there are tons of slots out there. They differ offering various types of games, graphics, themes, etc. One of the most well-known slots with online casino progressive jackpots is Mega Moolah. The jackpots of this slot are always among the highest. Hall of Gods, Mega Fortune Dreams, Arabian Nights are other slots that many players choose.

If you have a budget to enjoy gambling, progressive jackpots are worth trying. The chances to get it are not big, but if you hit that amount in one of the online casino progressive jackpots, there is no casino bonus that can be compared with it.

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