Progressive jackpots slots advantages

Progressive jackpots slots and their types

The progressive slot is the gaming machine, where the main prize, the biggest one, cannot be ever predicted. It depends on a chance and the total “pot”, all bets of gamblers. Today, progressive jackpots slots with bonus rounds, choosing which gamblers can win millions, attract to real land Las Vegas casinos and online gambling resources millions of players. Many of them have got up to 4-5 jackpots, and players can get any of them in a special “Risk” game.

Progressive jackpots slots: how do they work and their pros

The progressive jackpot size rises each time when another player bets. This money is added to the pot to become later a part of the hugest award. The RNG is responsible for choosing a winner. However, players can always check the scoreboard showing the current prize size and also more points. For instance, in some games of this type, certain paylines have to be activated, i.e. they have to be occupied by a combination of the same symbols (in order to hit the biggest prize). With other progressive slots, a certain amount is required to get the Mega Jackpot.

However, as soon as the RNG dictates the rules, it is never easy (in reality, it is even impossible) to foresee the moment when the luckiest guy will win. One thing here is obvious: the advantage of any player picking such a slot. He can become a millionaire at any moment. If he is lucky, this moment will come very soon. Most progressive jackpots slots have one common feature: the one, who is going to win much, has to bet max.

Types of progressive jackpots

Looking through the list of casinos that promise online slots progressive jackpots free spins, even the beginner can understand that there are several types of them. Here are the main ones:

  1. The Stand-Alone progressive jackpots slots. They have no connection with other gaming machines. Instead of a fixed highest jackpot, the machine lures with a percentage of all coins played and adds this sum to the bonus for the highest possible winning combination. They have a luminous display on the front, on which the jackpot can be read. In most cases, the payout is similar to the other machines in this category, but the distribution is different to allow for a varying total of the main prize. The progressive jackpots of this type are lower than those of the other slots that are connected. The Novomatic Prize of the Nile represents these machines.
  2. The In-House Progressives (local). Here, only casino customers are fighting for the biggest prize. This reduces the number of competitors and the profit remains within the casino family. Gold Rush and Tiki Wonders (both are created by NetEnt) are the coolest examples of these slots.
  3. Wide Area Progressive (network). Here, many various players compete for one and the same jackpot in the Net. Hall of Gods by NetEnt can be mentioned here.

Playing for huge money is always very risky stuff, but a gambling person should definitely try his luck there.

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